One Way Trip by Cris A Santos

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It is a story inspired by true events about a girl with a troubled childhood who falls in love with her best friend. However, tragedy strikes, he becomes self-destructive and she tries to save him. Will she succeed?

One Way Trip Book Reviews

"Your prose is lyrical and gorgeous. The carefully constructed writing forces me not to rush through. I want to enjoy fully the emotional journey that you take the reader." D.N.  

"Such a nice story...Hard to stop reading. I am ready for the next one." by M.F.

"...your book is excellent. I am looking forward to reading the sequel." by D.A. 

"It's a heart breaking as well as heartwarming story of friendship and love. The storyline of the book is compelling, and moves the reader to continue reading to find out what happens next. ...the story has a good moral to it, and many people would benefit from the message in this book." by Reader Views

"A beautifully written story." by A.N.

It is 1971 when Ismail and Mary begin dating. Although it appears Ismail is an addict, Mary continues to see him, despite her parents’ objections. Mary’s biggest dream is to marry Ismail and she will do anything to ensure it happens. When Mary becomes pregnant, her parents have no choice but to consent to a wedding. Married life soon proves to be a disastrous reality as Ismail’s drinking and abuse of Mary escalates. Shortly before she gives birth, Ismail secures a job and pledges to stop drinking. When their beautiful baby, Patricia, is born, it seems everything has turned around for the better—until Ismail loses his job and begins drinking again, forcing Mary and Patricia to escape the abuse once and for all. As Patricia embarks on her own coming-of-age journey, she falls in love with Richard, a popular young soccer player. When a tragedy causes Richard to become self-destructive, Patricia attempts to save him from himself. Now only one question remains: Will she succeed? One Way Trip is a heartfelt story inspired by true events about love, friendship, and courage as life comes full circle for a mother and daughter struggling to find their way in an uncertain world.

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